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I have found that one arm backstroke really teaches the basics of the stroke.
If you dont have straightbody balance, a reasonable kick and good rotation you will go nowhere and you will sink while trying to get the arm over.
Best to start with different effort on left and right arm until one side only makes the movement, but without any force.
Best to slow it down a lot to keep awareness of your basicrelaxed balance.
THe arm recovery is a big disturbance of buoyancy and sinks the legs if you hardly kick, but when you dig deep in the water at the front and pull the water up a bit your front will be pulled down and the legs up to get level again. The accelerated push at he other side helps get the other hand under.
This way it is possible to get to a relaxed 2 beat kick that only enhances rotation.
Only can pull this off for a few strokes but this is certainly feeling very promising. Hips break the surface at every stroke.
its hard to stay focussed. The combination of pull-body tautness and kick is very subtle and its easy to get sloppy with one of the parts.

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