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Default breathing

hello! my name is vincent and live in normandie in france .
i think have found the swimming "skating" idea.Breathing for me is much difficult at the 25 m swimming pool than in open water.Why? Because i can in open water like in my trail running of 50 or 60 kms take time of my rythm of breathing .At the swimming pool the feeling of touch the wall don't let me the time to smoothly take my slow rythm.That's why i prefer swim in open water with this feeling of freedom and no limit,no goal,just swim...
i've got a ear ache since 15 days .i go to the doctor this evening .When we've got this feeling of skating in ti. we want like a drug,awlways find again and again this feeling,it's difficult to stop swim a week or more... sincerely. sorry for my poor english.
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