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Default If I exhale, I sink

Hi folks. This is my first posting.

I'm a middle-aged beginning swimmer. I read the TI book cover to cover, and am rereading it. I have watched and studied the Happy Laps and the Freestyle Made Easy videos. I took lessons in New Paltz. I'm practicing the basics about every other day at the local pool.

I'm still struggling.

I'll start off with breathing.

I'm having trouble just trying to find the sweet spot.

If I exhale while in sweet spot, I sink. I can float in sweet spot, with the water at the edge of my goggles and my mouth out of the water, only if I keep my lungs full, and I kick. If I exhale, I go under water. If I stop kicking, my feet eventually sink.

If I keep my lungs full, I can do a deadman float. If I exhale, I sink to the bottom of the pool, and can sit cross-legged down there.

I read the advice for "sinkers" on page 113. I think I can balance in the skate position. However, when I roll for air, and if I have exhaled at all, my mouth doesn't break the surface.

I do not have a swimming partner.

Any thoughts?
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