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right.. that was a week ago which is very old when you self learn swimming.

1) CoachSuzanne or me have not invented this action. Read the Suzanne blog. She is doing what Terry told her to do... I guess you should trust Terry, no?.. ;)

2) Its the elbow of the stroking arm, not the spearing arm.

3) You don't have to take my word for it. Maybe CoachSuzanne will convince you more... ;)

4) "Elbow forward" is not my main breakthrough in swimming the Shinji style. Yesterday I found the long axis and how to use it. This is the main breakthrough in my swim. It tells me how to roll the body and get propulsion correctly. That's the engine and its working now :) A week ago, "elbow forward" looked like a main breakthrough to me. Now its downgraded to "just important". Its not my main focal point anymore. I am still doing it but its not the main action in my swim.
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