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Originally Posted by CoachLuisaFonseca View Post
I love Jack Lalanne :)
I figured you would :) ....I mention him because maybe not everyone knows him. Anybody who doesn't should check this link out...

I am, thankfully, beginning to integrate stretching into my fitness the beginning of my swim, during the first few laps or so, I'm pausing at the end of the lane, and stretching primarily shoulders and upper body for 30-60 seconds. There's maybe just a few exercises I have that I can repeat every time I swim. Definitely the upward stretching position which is also a position I hold while I"m swimming underwater dolphin. There's just two static shoulder stretches I do.......I'm not going to be too ambitious with trying to hit any particular level of flexibility in these shoulder poses.....I will measure my flexibility, but I've had rotator cuff issues in the past, and I'm not sure if I am stretching or overstretching at times.......also, before doing butterfly, I place both my arms back towards the pool lip and stretch my chest......Most of these stretches don't have easy ways of measuring progress, or even if there should be progress...
also....when I finish my swim, I am bending backwards in the water for a short while. 30 seconds or so.....allowing the water to support me in creating a nice arch....
What I am really appreciating is that all of this plus the swimming really loosens up the spine as well as the shoulders.....I won't worry about my legs so I can focus on the other more relevant areas for swimming.

The important thing for me is to make this 5-8 minute stretching routine for swimming a habit....then later I can work on implementing stretches to benefit other hamstrings, balance, strength, etc...while structuring those stretches around other physical activities, like weightlifting, etc.
..I may do an abbreviated Sun Salutation....but it would have to consist of very few poses.

The spiritual is an interest down the road....I'm still doing reading about Yoga....not the ancient texts, yet......but for me, I'm focused on the physical culture aspect.....
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