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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
Which brings me to Terry ;-)

But I don't understand why he stops with those spiritual experiences without pursuing this further one.
That always puzzled me, and at times I tried to provoke him in some posts a little bit but it never worked. As if he is refusing to give up the that self image of a swimmer, at no cost. But there is no human being in this world who is limited to be a swimmer.
I think that Terry has spoken favorably of Taoism and I think he appreciates the way swimming can almost be like a form of Vinyasa Yoga. However, I think that if Terry were to get too heavy-handed in his spiritual leanings, then the guys at SwimSmooth would definitely have something to crow about. They could say, "Hey, we're here to teach you about swimming in order to compete in a triathlon or to save your life........these TI guys are trying to teach you swimming as a religion!"
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