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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
I sometimes wonder if among those who show extreme and outstanding worldly success you can find anyone who is mentally and emotionally sound.
This is a good point because I do believe that it is often true that the greatest geniuses and artists in our midst do have a couple of screws loose!.....I can give many examples....Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, countless Hollywood Celebrities, Politicians, etc....

But there are other highly successful people, like Warren Buffett, or say Steve Wozniak, that weren't so desperate in their struggle to be successful....

I don't try to judge them too harshly, rather I try to learn from them. The good, bad, and ugly of it all....

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs with Lottery Winners....Apparently many of them, (possibly most) do not end up living happily ever after. I never researched this to know how true it is, but I've read articles that say that many have to declare bankruptcy, end up with shattered relationships, etc.

I think the key is that if a person wins a lottery, they need to educate themselves about the pitfalls and problems that have occurred to others. To learn from them so that they can best avoid the same mistakes themselves.
But I would never tell anyone that they shouldn't play the Lottery because it will ruin their lives.

I think that in a similar vein, I wouldn't condemn someone else for being ambitious, but I would believe it's important that a person's motives are well understood.....That way success (however you define that word) will give them greater happiness. There are often examples of people who struggled their entire lives to become rich, and when they do succeed at that, they don't understand why they're not happy.

When I was reading that article about Diana Nyad, what struck me most is that the article seemed to indicate that she wanted to petition the Cuban Government to not allow anyone else to attempt this swim except for her.....whoaaa.....I don't even know what to think about that.....I think what Diana wants most of all is Fame and she believes Fame will change her life.....She might be right, you know......But maybe she put herself in almost a No-Win situation. If she doesn't do it, she lives with a gnawing sense of regret, and if she does do it, maybe her life won't change as much as she wanted.....

I don't even want to take a position on this because in one way, I think she should engage in some soul-searching, therapy, etc. to define her true motives, but in another way....I think of the Nike Slogan that says, "Just Do It!".

Maybe self-analysis is a way for more power due to greater understanding.....but maybe also it's a sneaky way of allowing procrastination to sneakily settle in.

I noticed in the article that she's researching bodysuits that deal better with the Jellyfish stings. If that's the only thing that prevents her from completing that swim, then godspeed to her. I hope she completes the swim if she does it again. If she does it, the yeasayers will give her kudos for her persistence and never give up attitude......If she kills herself in the process, the naysayers will have their say. They will criticize the notion that anyone, particularly a senior citizen, should even attempt such an extreme endeavor. Either way, the Fame will be hers.

I don't tend to swim much outside of the pool and in the ocean. That's something I've thought about, but it's for a different thread.
I will say this, though, that what separates the marathon swimmers in this group to Diana is that when they swim a long distance, they tend to get out of the water feeling great. Not collapsing and needing an ambulance to take them to the hospital.

Anyway, no criticisms to Diana. I think it is very inspirational that someone in their 60's even have made it as far as they did in that swim.
I guess in the same way, I reserve my criticisms on Steve Jobs....I'm pleased by the way his technological vision has inspired my life.
If both these people are (or were) inherently happy, then I will still thank them for the inspiration and making my life happier.
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