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Default The Gift of a Slower 1000--and how I'll use my gift

Today's blog post was on the liberating experience of swimming my slowest-ever 1000 Free (13:42) on Saturday at Ithaca College and why it freed me to finally--really--view race results as simply 'data points.'

Today I will begin using the data I gathered from Saturday's race to plan the specific improvements I'll seek to 'wire in' through practice. As is my habit, I counted strokes on every length throughout the swim (not so hard after years of practice), and asked the meet manager for a printout of my splits.

Here's what I know about the Math of my time of 13:42.
Stroke Length: I held 16SPL for the first 10 laps (250y), about 17SPL for the next 250 and 18SPL for most of the last 500.
Pace: My splits for the four 250s were 3:27-3:29-3:26-3:20.

I can calculate Tempo fairly easily by dividing average pace per length by number of strokes (allowing 4+ seconds for the turn).

I analyze the 1000, as I do other races by breaking it into quarters.

I swam the first 3 x 250 at an average of about 21 seconds per lap, the last 250 at an average of 20 seconds.
1st 250 16 SPL @ 1.05 sec/stroke
2nd 250 17 SPL @ 1.0 sec/stroke
3rd 250 18 SPL 1.0 sec/stroke
4th 250 18 SPL @.95 sec/stroke

I will think of each of these, not just as a data point, but as a neural circult. I will try to improve the neural circuit over coming weeks, in the following ways:

In sets where I use Time and SPL as my key metrics, I'll try to swim a gradually expanding range of repeats averaging 20 seconds per length, in fewer than 16 SPL.

In sets where I use SPL and Tempo as my key metrics I'll try to swim a gradually stretch the distance for which I can maintain 16 or fewer SPL @ .95-1.05 sec/stroke .

I'm about to head for the pool. I'll let you know how my first 1000-focused set went.
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