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Originally Posted by AWP View Post
10x100 odd lengths Free/ even lengths mixed 25 Fl/ 50Bk/ 25Brst
Remarkable how our minds run on similar tracks. I swam the exact same 100s for my main set today - 25FL50BK25BR.
Next week I'll probably do a similar set as 25FL25BK50BR.

I think this kind of 100 Medley is more valuable practice experience than a 'normal' 100 IM (25FL25BK25BR25FR) because it intensifies focus on the BK and BR, which I believe are the two critical strokes in IM racing.

I also am impressed that you made an 'executive decision' to abort Set #2 when you realized after 2 reps you weren't likely to 'improve the circuit.' Better to put your energy into something where you can leave a positive imprint.
When I coached the West Point sprinters. I would come to practice with something ambitious planned. But they sometimes looked 'blah' on the first set. Often I would stop the set and refocus them. If they still couldn't meet the standard I had in mind, I would substitute a set they could do well.
Shorter or fewer repeats or a longer rest interval.
Or perhaps a set that put more emphasis on technical excellence than speed.

Whatever they did, I wanted them to do it to the best of their ability.

You clearly get that in your own training.

What a brilliant day it will be for swimmers on LI when you begin coaching!
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