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i've been to the pool twice since reading the emmett hines article yesterday. i wanted to try out the "scissoring" method for the 2 bt kick. i interpret the article to be saying the "upbeating" leg scissors past the "downbeating" leg, as the downbeating leg kicks down. emmett says, "presto-rock'n'rollo." so do i.

in looking at video of laure manaudou and of shinji on the web, it appears to me that laure does the scissoring type of action, and that shinji appears to more or less relax the leg which is not downbeating. rather than scissoring the leg not downbeating during the downbeat of the other leg, shinji appears to upbeat each leg immediately prior to, and as part of the action of, each "snap" of a downbeat. in the last year and a half or so i have been more or less emulating shinji, or my interpretation or shinji and others who appear to "snap" the downbeating leg.

it took me several lengths of the pool to learn a scissoring action, and not be terribly awkward with it. however, after two sessions i am starting to get the motion much better. without elaborating too much, i am sure that i am getting a lot more from my kick, and am swimming faster with less effort.

i surmise the following:

1. my new, and larger and more unhurried upbeat, is itself a source of forward propulsion, which combines with and may effectively "double" the propulsion created by the leg which is downbeating.

2. because the upbeat is occurring much earlier, and without hurry, in the leg which is preparing to downbeat, the leg is in a stronger, and more consistent, position to perform the downbeat.

3. my rotation is sharper and more energetic, because, as emmett appears to say, not only does the downbeating leg drive the opposite hip down, but the leg which is scissoring and upbeating also drives it down.


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