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Hi don h,
I would say that you are on, with Terry's kick somewhere inbetween.
I've been experimenting with this myself as I look to correct my kick ( and hopefully everything else : )) and found, after many repeat lengths, that the "scissoring" actually begins to 'happen' with a focus and intent on a truly (more) vertical and compact downbeat. With concentration on a "toned" or "stiff" bracing leg, I've felt that after the bracing leg has 'kicked' the other leg has risen seemingly with rotation and spearing. The key was to 'let go' of the non-kicking leg, focus on bracing the just kicked leg into spearing forward ( ie. one leg was slightly higher than the other) then through to the next spear. Making any sense?
After many lengths I began to develop a 'true' 2 beat rhythm. I felt the kick come definitely more from hip drive (felt like I did moderate crunches) and had the granite rearend to prove it afterwards ( well maybe limestone). So taking that into account I feel I was on to something.
I'll try and get it to where I can 'release' tension and feel a more supple whip happening.
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