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Default Shallow End Swims

Naj has it right. I'll add my two cents in that when the pool is crowded and I feel like doing drills for short distances I simply explain to the lane mates what my intentions are. Timing my push offs, skating and drills so that it does not interfere with their swimming. It works by just informing them you are going to be working on technique and need to stay in the shallow end.

When I first started with TI it became a standing joke that I didn't know there were two ends to the pool, as I never got out of the shallow end. Embarrassed, I'm too old for that my goal was and remains to improve no one else gives a damn anyway. Think of it as you are practicing with a purpose no matter what your skill level.

My hat is off to you for approaching the subject. Keep up the great work and stick with this forum you will find immeasurable support.

Swim Silent and Be Well
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