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Originally Posted by flppr View Post
You might want to try the super-slow swimming I've been working on. It challenges your balance in all phases of your stroke, its difficult, and its working for me. I really feel it in my core the next day, too. Twofer!
Do you think by swimming really slow that you are actually developing a better feel for the water during the catch phase which is simultaneously improving your balance. One thing that I have noticed is that it appears that for me slower is better when I am in the catch phase. When I want to really move , I have a tendency to really rip my arms through the water. Its hard for me to control because once you are on your way you just sort of get caught up . I wondering if there are really two speeds. The speed in which your recovery arm gets to the water is one. And the speed in which your arm moves through the water. As I think this through, it would also seem that the speed of arm has to be slightly "slower" than the speed of the body in order to hold more water.

So by slowing every thing down are you guaranteeing that you maintaining this relationship. And if you neuro circuits as Terry is fond of referring to can be programmed to recognize the relationship , then even at faster reps your arm speed in the water will be adjusted to your body's speed in the water and you will retain the water holding tendency. Just a thought. Probably wrong.
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