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Originally Posted by Alex-SG View Post
After drilling I can swim with balance for 1-2 laps and then hips sink and legs slightly sink again.
Is it because my head position changes?
Or is it because muscles get tired?

I wonder if my balance would become perfect over night if I had core strength like this personal trainer.... What do you think?

I don't think it matters but that's just me. Here's why. I think that swimming by itself builds your core. As you know, I am a runner also. I recently dropped 30 lbs to help my swimming. I figured that all of that extra mass I was lugging around increased my profile in the water and therefore increased drag. I know that I probably became less buoyant but I wanted to try it anyway. Well the weight loss really running.

But removing , I guess, a layer of fat revealed what I had always tried to get but had never succeeded in getting, a six pack. Now in my running career I have shedded weight before and yet no bonifide six pack. But now I have one and the only thing I can attribute it to is swimming. So by deduction I figure I must be stronger in the core. But even though I got a compliment the other day that my speed in the water had markedly improved, my endurance issues remain.

I've been really working the whole catch/propulsion thing. I kind of tweaked my left shoulder. I've done this before. All I end up doing is becoming more spaghetti armed on the pull phase which puts no pressure on the shoulder. Well I got through the session with no more damage. Because I knew I couldn't really put any pressure on the shoulder, I decided to just relax through the lap even forgetting about my posture. Even though I felt like my legs were sinking a bit, I felt like I was more comfortable and less tired. I think us long legged types may have to rely on refining propulsion to compensate or produce balance. Part of my endurance problem may be that fact that I really tight trying to hold my legs out and up to produce balance which also burns energy. Its the antithesis of swimming relaxed.

I'm going to try swimming that way tomorrow and see if it produces more laps.
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