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Default Tri suit fragility

Terry and Naj, you might like to look away, this is for the less hardy of us.

I sent the following email to the nice man at Orca and got a polite reply back saying that no one else complains as I had and no he couldn't suggest an alternative. I would be grateful if some suit wearing TI softy could advise me on any of my questions.

Dear Simon

I've just repaired some more tears in my month old S3 #7 and inspecting it on the line I find more minor tears and nicks. I am horrified at how fragile the unprotected neoprene is especially the 2mm on the shoulders. I feel that it is only a matter of time before it falls apart.
I am right in the middle of the #7 range, 78kg and 180cm, I have no fingernails, I have watched your video and others on the web and I am sure I'm not doing anything rough or wrong putting it on or taking it off. My repairs with neoprene cement aren't pretty but stronger than the rest of the suit. I foolishly covered the last repairs with electric tape thinking to get a smoother finish and now that's part of the suit. At least the tape is white, it could easily have been red. I'm starting to look like Norman Gunson on a bad day.
I am a recreational swimmer, I don't intend to race, maybe a masters ow occasionally. I swim most days in the Wanganui River or estuary and the suit was a way to extend my season. The insulation is great though I suspect I dont need that much buoyancy, especially in saltwater.
I observe that the foam in the suit which is backed on both sides is perfect. I have worn a cheap 2mm Warehouse Bezel brand suit sailing for years with not a hint of damage.
Do you have a robust (which means cloth backed both sides) suit that would be adequate for me?

I would be grateful for advice

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