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Originally Posted by bikerbod View Post
I've been learning freestyle the TI way for a few months now having been a breast stroke only swimmer for many years. I find it easiest to breathe on my right and i have made good progress so far just rolling to breathe on one side. This seems to have resulted in a strong stroke on one side, but the other side lacks hip drive and that feeling of power. I cannot seem to develop that natural beat kick on the other side. However hard I try, I am finding it difficult to build hip drive into the other side of my stroke. I have noticed a little pain in my right shoulder which i think comes from trying to make up the lost power with my right arm. If i change breathing to the other side, my stroke falls to pieces.

What drills/technique can i use to make my stroke as powerful on both sides?
I am attaching a link to some old TI drills that have helped me a great deal. I would suggest that you go through the all. But for the hip drive issue focus on the single switch drill and then the tripple switch. The single switch gets you rotating from sweet spot to sweet spot. I do the drills in fins which actually may work to my benefit because the switch effect (hip drive) is accentuated. Since you are doing switches to both sides, you should be able to work through your bias on one side. The other drills teach you how to engage your whole core- not just your hips.
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