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Default GAP Analysis: Measuring the impact of each Drill

I usually have 3 types of Training sessions:

A. Focus on balance: Superman drills, Skating
B. Focus on core rotation+Catch: Underswitch (Spearswitch) with fist gloves
C. Focus on spearing+gliding: ZipperSwitch (ZenSwitch)

What I like to do is count the number of FREESTYLE strokes in the warm up before the Drills and compare to the SPL after the Drills. Obviously SPL (Stroke Per Length, 25m) goes down after drilling....

These are the results:
A. BALANCE Drills: SPL=16.5 -> SPL 15.5
B. ROTATION-CATCH Drills: SPL=16.5 -> SPL 15
C. SPEARING-Gliding Drills: SPL=16.5 -> SPL 14

What conclusions can we draw from this?
1. If the GAP (before,after) is almost the same, can we conclude that natural swimming has already incorporated that drill (Ex. Balance)?
2. If C. leads to a much better improvement, shall I continue to focus on this (lead with elbows, spear the water at an angle, glide)?

I find this GAP analysis interesting as it may tell us how much room for improvement we have in each area of TI...

In fact I wonder if the "TI Champions" have "a zero gap".

What do you think? ALEX

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