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Originally Posted by CoachEricD View Post
I would say the most important thing about this drill, either on land or in water is to keep the elbow gut side of the body....

If you want the movements to be exact, the water level would be just below the front of the top shoulder, so drag the fingers at that height. Remember that you want to lift the elbow very little. The rest of the height comes from straightening the arm some (like from 90 degrees to 45 or so).
To make sure I understand correctly... let's take as an example the IMAGE on the TI HOME PAGE. Looks like this swimmer does have a line going from shoulder-shoulder-elbow.

What would be the correct elbow position on this picture? How many degrees from the water surface?

Other question: Is the angle of the elbow from the front view supposed to be 90degrees (upperarm-elbow-forearm)?

Thanks. ALEX
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