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Hello Eric,

Swimming freestyle, after 100 - 150 meters I get the urge to stop and I know why ... poor breathing technique.
Breathing technique in swimming is not a single technique to get a breath. It's more a technique where you're swimming (balanced and streamlined) with ability to breath as well...

As I exhale and mouth breaks water I then seem to over inhale. I'm sure relaxing is the answer but hard to master.
The problem you call over inhale, mostly is a problem of being so tensed all around, that you didn't exhale enough, and so there's not enough room for fresh air...

I would like to breath normally and I am close but just can't seem to get into a relaxing rhythm of exhale / inhale. Are there methods to improve or should I just learn to push through it?
Hmm... what is "normally breath" in swimming for you? Rhythm and (necessary!) relaxation are more determinated by your balance, streamline and stroke-movement. Holding that relaxation while breathing for a good breath is more a matter of timing from inhale and exhale connected to your stroke. Inhale as early as possible (as Terry said: You can't breath too early) and only(!) as long as necessary...

And yes, in the beginning it might be worth some experiments to push just through for some strokes or stop just before running out of breath to go on as fast as possible, but have in mind: Running out of breath will ruin your stroke. So hold these tests in a small range.

Best regards,
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