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Hello Danny and Zenturtle,

no, it's not I in the screenshots. They're taken from the TI's Betterfly Video, very first moments (introduction).

Think I have to give this video some tighter views, and will put some single fly-laps (what I'd call it) into my swimmings, when get them more regular.

Still think in fly you take the S -better the hour glass- conscious. You take both arms full of water (or catch the pilates ball in front of you). When you press the ball back (below Body - more aside than below) it's better to put your hands more to centerline. Then you have to make them wider to catch the next ball in front...

In FS you'll catch the pilates ball in front, (recovery arm reaches over it, and your hand goeses to catch the beatle's bumper in front below...) To hold the ball and press it back your rotated body gives it some hold and your hand doesn't need the strong S (hour glass). The straightened S followed by itself as Stuart pointed out.

Well, metaphores can also be spanned...

Although best regards,

PS: A philosopher once said: The misery in world is the mad are leading the blind (who, when?)
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