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Originally Posted by ti97 View Post
I had a cracked rib and it was almost as bad as a broken collar bone so I can imagine that swimming is nearly impossible.

But cold water swimming is not painful to me anyhow. Maybe the best description is that it is numbing. The part of my body most susceptible to cold is the back of my neck and the back of my shoulders. Also, after a long while, if my mastoids get cold that will definitely end it.

As I recall, a tight wrap around the rib cage seemed to offer some relief during the fun!
An idea I had was that the limitation in stroke pull strength would force me to concentrate on postural efficiency rather than brute force to get speed and stroke length, so this could be used as a training aid. But even some trunk adjustments for postural efficiency hurt, and I may be unconsciously practicing inefficient posture due to the pain. (Stretching out long and tall I find particularly painful). I can go for a quite few 100m before I can't concentrate enough to make continuing worthwhile.
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