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Default water temperatures

Hi all, I'm impressed by how many swimmers here (mostly located in the US I suppose) seem to easily deal with cold water without any specific training and I was wondering what water temperatures you typically have in your pools (and also seas and lakes).

I live in Italy and standard pools here are in the 27-29C (80-84F) range. It's pretty hard to find a pool where water temperature is 25C (77F), which is considered the best temperature to race.
Moreover the sea temperature never gets under 12C (53.6F) during the winter and, by the time the open water season begins, it's mostly 20C (68F) or above everywhere. Winter is pretty warm as well, air temperature hardly ever gets to 0C (32F).
In short, we're not used to cold at all, and some people think I'm crazy just because I take cold showers on regular basis. I'd like to extend my open water season and I don't like wetsuits, that's why I'm trying to adapt. But here I read of swimmers who quickly get to swim one hour at 55F w/o wetsuit and I'm so far from this (I have to say that I'm pretty lean as well).

So I'm curious to know some numbers from you.
Thanks in advance,
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