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Hi Rob,

good to see you here! This forum is great way to get ideas and feedback. Terry is absolutely spot on with saying that for now your stroke count is probably bit too low, and it has created a pause in your stroke.

We discussed this during the lesson as well, and is visible in some of the "end of lesson" videos from last time (not quite sure if I sent you them all?). You can see that whilst trying keep a patient lead arm you also create a pause with the other hand at the hip. When I asked you to ensure to keep the moving hand moving, it also made you patient lead arm bit less patient. But both of these are normal things for our students to go through. You're probably thinking hard as well at the same time it tends to slow things down a bit as well.

In short, you need to have flow without the stroke becoming hurried or tense. Easily said! We'll keep working on this next time And discuss the SPL - issue further.

I'm seeing already great improvements and you feel them - just trust the process.

PS. Terry asked if I could post a video of you here for other forum readers to learn from. So if you're happy I'll get a video uploaded on where we started from and where we are now. And I'm sure Terry could give us more steer that way as well!
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