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Default Thank you

Hi Terry,

Thank You for your response, yeah you guessed right it's with Salka!
My 50/50 practice has been going through all drills a couple of times then on to full stroke swimming for a few lengths, then back to drills & full stroke swimming. I tend to swap between the two for the full hours session. I've been going three times a week & seen vast improvements, I'm just a little frustrated it isn't coming quicker than I want it too. My legs were terrible to start off with, I had a great bicycle kick & that's taking some correcting.

I'll try & get hold of a tempo trainer, I've been using my Garmin for the stroke count, I thought I was doing well with 17 with it been at the bottom end of the green on the table. I must say when I was in the pool the other morning my easier lengths had a stroke count of 20. But also I'm having to really focus on concentrating on my swimming & not the people passing me.

Ok so your saying the low stroke count is to low & that's what is making me tired? I'm guessing that's down to momentum of keeping moving. I'm going to talk to Salka about it when I next see her. I was just wanting to see what other people's experiences were on here.

I'll keep you posted, thanks again!
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