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Default HELP with my frustrations!

Hi Peeps,

Relying on you fellow TI swimmers to ease my frustrations. Let me start from the beginning, I never had any swimming lessons when I was younger, just something I was never interested in. Now at the tender age of 37 I decided I would like to learn to swim as I'm a keen runner & cyclist with the aim to complete a Tri. I could vaguely swim breast stroke continuously.
Here in my story lies, I got some swimming lessons with a swim teacher in April 2014 for 10 weeks, she got me going with front crawl but I could feel her frustration with my sinking legs & I got the feeling she felt as if I was a lost cause. Fighting for weeks feeling as if I was getting no where I knew they must be more to it than this. This is where I found TI & located a coach up here in Cumbria, England.
So I've now had three two hour lessons & I've improved no end. It really is working, I think maybe I'm just expecting it to come quicker than it is. I'm taking 17strokes per 25m length on average & it takes me approx 1min20secs to do 50m consistently, I'm 5ft7in/171cm.
Currently I can swim the 50m very relaxed & breathing easy, but after that it goes pear shaped. I'm dividing my time 50/50 drills & full stroke. All I want to be able to do is swim a mile comfortably, what's other people's experiences & how long has it took people to get there?

Thank you kindly for your responses now.
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