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Originally Posted by elskbrev View Post
Interesting. I was wondering why I felt more bouyant in the 10' pool at the YMCA last June than in the 4' pool where I swim now through August. So, it was all in my head. Thought it might be water chemical composition, temperature or something. (YMCA pool--81 F, 4' pool--86 F)
Interesting point. I thought the same last year when I was taking lessons. I started out in 3.5 Ft pool and constantly thought my chest was going to hit bottom when I pushed off in a superman glide. This pool sloped from a very shallow "play" pool to about a 15 yd, 3 lane lap pool. The real lap pool in the complex was a consistently 4 ft ,25 meter pool. When I took lessons there even the instructor commented that I seemed more buoyant. According to Archimedes, buoyancy is all about the amount of water displaced versus the weight of the displacing object. If the water displaced weighs more than the displacing object, the object floats. If it doesn't, it doesn't. But maybe amount water present gives us the illusion of buoyancy. If a more shallow pool, you may displace the same amount of water but because there is less water, you are lower in the pool. In a larger body of water, the fraction of the water that is displaced is less (more water) and therefore the higher you float. Just a theory.
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