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Originally Posted by Rhoda View Post
I tell them it's the chlorine, killing all the bacteria in my upper respiratory tract. .
I came to the same general conclusion. I have always caught colds when doing heavy aerobic exercise. Couple that with losing 30 LBS and I should be a disaster area by now. But nary a sniffle. Well not exactly. I do seem to have this barely noticeable nasal drainage but no associated aches and pains I would attribute to a cold. Swimming may help by keeping the sinus passages moist. I used to get colds all the time because my wife insisted on running a ceiling fan even in the dead of winter. Invariably I would get a cold. But she put a humidifier on my side of the bed and voile' no colds. My theory is that the fan was drying out my sinuses and setting me up for a cold and the humidifier keeps this from happening. So maybe swimming is doing much the same thing.
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