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Originally Posted by John@NewPaltz View Post
Most wetsuits increase buoyancy in the legs. I realized that after 6 months of practicing balance in the pool, my wetsuit legs are now bothering me in open water, because my feet keep breaking the surface.
Now, I'm hoping to find some more wetsuit-wimps out there like me who can give some advice. What adjustments are you making?
- Relax legs and let them sink more?
- spear more horizontal (less deeper)?
- reduce time of recovering arm being above surface and in front of shoulder?
When you're trying to find balance in a Skate position, one of the components is to find the ideal position of your leading arm. Your body is like a teeter totter that is balanced on the fulcrum of your lungs, and it is your head and leading arm (on one side of the fulcrum) that balance your legs (on the other side). So if the wetsuit is making your legs more buoyant, you aren't going to need to lower your leading arm as much to bring your body into balance.

I'd suggest experimenting with your leading arm position in Skate (on both sides) while wearing a wetsuit and finding the arm position that brings your body into balance. Then incorporate that new arm position into your wetsuit freestyle stroke.

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