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Hi Caronis,

Glad to hear you are "good to go", as it were. That must have been really good news to you. Do you still have tinnitus (or did you in the first place) and if not did the ENT help in clearing it up for you? That's what started the thread .... asking if head under water may have caused my tinnitus. Lately it has been loud and today after a 3 week absence I did get back to the pool. My ringing ears tonight are no worse than last night. Part of my "play" ritual in the pool is to sit briefly on the bottom of the pool several times for a few seconds. It is 12 feet deep. Sometimes I feel the pressure and other times I don't notice it. But it's fun to practice blowing dolphin bubbles down there.

But, your question about water softening the ear wax is something that I would think might br right -- as long as the water is at least body temperature. Maybe Suzanne will reply about that. The ENT I used to go to would flush out the ear wax with warm tap water with what looked like a turkey baster. (Maybe it was !) But as far as earplugs go ... I would think it is a personal choice. And one more driven by keeping pool water (and associated bacteria) out of your ears than what would be perceived as clean water. As long as the water drains from the ear there should be nothing to foster bacteria growth. My wife had some fitted earplugs made for swimming by a hearing aid business. She used them once and decided they were more bother than they were worth. I've never used ear plugs. I do however use fins sometimes. Without the fins learning to swim (for me) would have taken much longer.

Glad to hear you will be enjoying the water once again!
If you're not swimming; then you should be skiing......

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