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Originally Posted by andyinnorway View Post
Terry, be great if you could do a blog on your Yoga exercises or even a youtube post. Thanks. Failing that please point us in a direction for good source material.
Yoga is not just about physical exercises. I feel doing Yoga in itself is a great learning process for the physical, mental and the spiritual. I have found this to compliment Ti like swimming really well which provides strength and the flexibility for swimming.

The traditional way of practicing Yoga is the Ashtanga Yoga(Eight Limbs of Ashtanga). You can know more about it here. There are other style of Yoga with little variations. The sequence of Yoga asanas starts with standing poses and moves on to back bending, forward bends, arm balances, seated twists and inversions. You can practice under a teacher or guru or you could buy a DVD and a go at a slow pace until you find more confidence in doing difficult poses. Currently I am finding the videos of KinoMacgregor very useful.Click here.

There are a few asanas given here.But to practice the difficult ones, you need to master the basic ones and become more flexible.

Other Sources:Yoga Journal


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