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Is the book to be a philosophical examination of TI swimming alone, or will it include stroke advice too as per the original blue and yellow book?
I found the story of your own swimming and then coaching being influenced by the so called maverick swimmers of the time hugely interesting, and a motivating factor in my own TI journey. I only wanted to learn to swim strongly because I was about to take sailing lessons.....I have yet to sign up for those lessons, so completely has swimming taken over! The constant battle for control and mastery of my actions in the water is so absorbing that I have yet to get bored. Learning TI compelled me to enter triathlon events, which I had never considered before,previously I only ran competitively. I came second in my age group in my first race, and eleventh overall, which I totally put down to my fast but relaxed swim, which left me enough energy to cruise through the race.
Last weekend I took my wetsuit to Cwm Idwal in North Wales (UK) and swam across the lake. For more years than I can remember I have rock climbed all the walls there, and ate my lunch staring at this dark brooding lake, which legend says that no bird dare fly over because the slain Prince Idwal lies at the bottom!, and would shudder at its inky depth. Now it holds no fear, and the swim across in such a dramatic location, and with such ease and style is a priceless experience. All thanks to stumbling upon your book!

Good luck with your new version.

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