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Default wife says she can't take in enough air

My wife and I have started the ti program. My wife was essentially a non-swimmer when we started about a month ago. We're following the video on freestyle. We've gotten to the third lesson where you learn how to breathe.

Here's the problem. My wife says she cannot take in enough air to keep swimming. She literally runs out of breath by the second series of three strokes. She is so winded that she is huffing and puffing. She also says that when she is swimming, she can't take a big breath because the water is squeezing her chest so much.

Any thoughts on how to get her to be able to breathe enough to make it across the pool?

BTW, we are scheduled for a ti workshop in about two weeks.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry, my first time on the forum, just noticed the o2 in h2o forum. I'll go there with my question!!!!

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