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Default How to Improve a Circuit while Recovering

Saturday Dec 17 3000y at SUNY
Set #1

Swim rounds of [50-100-150-200] on interval of :50/50y. Strive to hold SPL at or under 16 while increasing tempo from 1.10 - 1.08 - 1.06 . . .

This was a highly encouraging set. I intended today as a restoration day -- aiming to swim easily enough to recover from yesterday's intensive effort. But I still strive to 'improve the circuit' I'll need to swim 1000y in 12:50 or faster.

Increasing tempo by .02 after each round, I still felt controlled and relaxed holding 16SPL @ 1.04. I managed to complete the next round at 1.02 with only one length (of 20) at 17 SPL, but had to dig a bit too deep to hold 16SPL on the 200. I hit the wall on the 100 @ 1.00. It's best not to over-exert on a recovery day, so I took a pass and finished with some work on Breaststroke. That was good too.

Set #2
16 x 25 BR
1-8 @7SPL on :30 sec interval
9-16 @8SPL on :35 sec interval

This turned out to be a great set too. I held a very relaxed constant pace of :25 sec @ 7SPL. With the interval of :30 sec, I was getting only 5 sec rest between repeats, yet never felt any fatigue or loss of efficiency.
On 9-16 I allowed myself one more stroke per length and an additional 5 seconds rest. Without working any harder, just adjusting stroke timing, I held 24 sec for 9-14 and 23 sec for #s 15 & 16.

Last year I didn't swim too many 25y repeats in Breast. This year I believe I'll do this much more frequently because the combination of strong pace, efficient stroke and solid ease/control can only benefit me.
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