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Default Swimming Better than ever - even at age 60.

I've regularly written that. for me, a key to Continuous Improvement has been that I have a standard goal for each practice to Swim Better Than I Ever Have.
Setting the bar at Better than Ever tends to concentrate your attention and keep your sense of purpose high.

Some may ask how I can possibly swim better at 60, then I did at 40 or 20? The answer is that I don't measure better solely by the pace clock. At 60 I can get a thrill from executing difficult tasks or solving complicated puzzles.

The Medley practice I did on Sunday was one example. Yesterday's practice was another. Each required me to hold a specified stroke count - and swim faster in a specified pattern. The combination of Calibration and Pacing skills I exhibited in each practice is as good as I've ever managed, much better than I was capable of at 40 -- and would have been inconceivable to me at 20.

This is an example of how we can adjust our goals and how we measure excellence as we age to feel - justifiably - that we're swimming better than ever.

Further, this isn't just an empty Mastery exercise. The ability to closely calibrate and control Stroke Length and Pace are utterly essential to racing success at any distance.

Set #1
Repeat 100s Free. Maintain 56 strokes. Descend 1 sec/100 as far as possible.
I did 13 x 100, descending from 1:35 to 1:20. Never added a stroke.

Set #2
Swim 2 rounds of 8 x 25 IM order (2 Fly, 2 Back, 2 Breast, 2 Free in each round) 50 EZ BK between rounds.
Round #1 on 30 sec. interval Add 1 SPL to even 25s and swim 1 second faster than on odd 25s.
(I.E. #1 Fly @ 7 strokes and 22 sec; #2 Fly @ 8 strokes and 21 sec.)
Round #2 on 35 sec. interval Add 1 SPL to even 25s and swim 2 seconds faster.

Set #3
Swim Free. Maintain average of 15 SPL. Descend by 1 second each repeat.
4 x 100 1:18 - 1:17 - 1:16 - 1:15
50 EZ BK
4 x 75 58-57-56-55 sec.
50 EZ BK
4 x 50 37-36-35-34 sec.
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