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I like this. Thanks Terry. From my other posts, you may deduce that I am jumping into TI impatiently, reading a bit and not spending as much time on the drills as I know I should. My pressure, mostly self imposed, is that I feel I need to be confident in a half ironman distance tri this summer so, "need to get going". It would be nice to just think about floatation drills for a couple of months but with a 2000 metre swim ahead of me, I do feel I need to be doing long workouts. Feel free to interject your wisdom here...;-)

Yesterdays scheduled workout swim was a continuous 1500 metre swim (+w/u and c/d). I thought I would see how it goes if I try to do it with TI. What I found was my 100 metre splits were, surprisingly to me, very very consistent (15 of them were within + or minus 5 seconds) and I completed the swim, albeit slow. I was not a fast swimmer before (ie old school) so changing styles now, I am not surprised I am still slow, but I am deliberately taking my time, thinking about and working on the various aspects of the stroke ie, spearing, rotation, kick, head postion, "laser", etc. I am hoping the energy level I have following the swim will be worth the trade off in time. And as long as I am getting longer swims in or at least longer swim distance workouts (not many long continuous ones), confidence goes up and I am hoping to see times coming down.
With this posting, I now have a drill set to work on (while I await the Tri Library material I have ordered from TI).
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