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I did swim at SUNY today, first time swimming indoors since Dec 2 or 3, after two weeks running TI programs in Coral Springs FL.

I did a variation on the SPL Pyramid.
4 rounds of 6 x 100, one round each on 1:40-1:45-1:50-2:00

Each round was
100 Balance/Streamline @ 13 SPL
100 Propel/Kick @ 13 SPL
100 B/S @ 13 SPL
100 P/K @ 14 SPL
100 B/S @ 13 SPL
100 P/K @ 15 SPL

I used the odd 100s as recovery and the even 100s were 'quality' and descended as SPL increased.

I swam the quality 100s faster in each round. Times not as fast as the other day but the practice required strong focus and I felt very sharp at times.
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