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Originally Posted by robedon View Post
My swimming history: I've been swimming consistently for about 4 months, and have done the weekend TI class and and taken lessons at the local pool.

my condition: I'm 37, and I work out in the gym 5 days a week, run 3-5 miles 3 days a week, and swim (or try to) 3 days a week.

my Problem: The biggest problem I am having is that I get out of breath very quickly, even after one length. I recently started working with a triathlon coach and he said I'm out of breath because I don't have ample endurance. I agree, you can always be in better shape, but I have a hard time thinking with all the exercise I do that I am out of breath because of endurance.
I agree.

For some reason I just can not get the hang of breathing in the water. I try to exhale while swimming, and as I cross the pool I feel like I have no air in my lungs. I can't tell if I'm not breathing in correctly or if I'm not fully breathing out or what I'm doing.
What happens if you do overswitch instead of whole stroke swimming (i.e., roll to your sweet spot to breathe instead of taking a normal breath)? How far can you go before you start to feel out of breath?
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