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Originally Posted by gladtobedifferent View Post
Averaged 27 strokes per length, but know it was a lot better at the start than at the end. Also, as I increase my distances my average stroke rate does not get worse, which means I am getting better.
I share your elation over swimming a 'landmark' distance. Now here's a suggestion for how to use that experience to improve your skill even as you increase distance.

The Protestant Work Ethic that so strongly pervades the Culture of Swimming encourages us to push through pain barriers as coaches put it, to ignore pain and fatigue and push onward.

That works out better on terra firma than in the water, where even small movement errors bring massive energy penalties. When it feels a lot better at the start than at the end, then struggling skills are likely getting more of a chance, than tireless-swimming skills, to implant in muscle memory. And as I noted in this blog, increasing Stroke Rate is effortless. Increasing (or even holding) Stroke Length is exacting.

Try the Tempo-governed approach I recommend above.
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