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Default YIpee!!

Ok - so didnt manage a mile - but I did do a kilometre all in one go !! Gone from 18 lengths as my one off longest ever to 40 lengths in 25m pool. The last few lengths I could feel it harder as more swimmers joined the pool, and two of the men cut me up at the turns.

Think doing the push offs really helped me believe I could go further, and it was unlike Friday in that I got to 12 lenghts, thought ok do 16, then thought ok can do at least 2 more than my 18 previous best. Got to 20 and thought I felt ok so kept going and got to 30 and thought must be able to do 32 (800), and then at 36 only 4 left to get to the 1km mark.

I am sooooooooo happy cannot tell you.

Averaged 27 strokes per length, but know it was a lot better at the start than at the end. Also, as I increase my distances my average stroke rate does not get worse, which means I am getting better.

Also only breathed to one side. And every 2 strokes - which I hate as i swim much better when breathing every 4. Its the catch with the right arm when I am breathing to the left that is truely horrible !! Focused today on at least doing a partial catch with the right arm rather than just letting is go through the water.

Tomorrow night will practise in blocks of 200s and 100s - usually I only do 1 8x25, but will try and do more 8 length blocks and focus on getting my stroke count per length down a bit.

So happy - off to have my treat - a bag of malteasers !!!
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