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Hi there novaswimmer.

in clarification of what I meant in "training" the legs ...... not training the legs but training the brain with training the legs in mind

In reply to a question from Bob W back on July 31 2009.

I offered this which includes what Shinji suggested to me: Old 08-12-2009
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Default My take on the pull-buoy... right or wrong ...
The pull-buoy is a tool which can be used to aide the learning experience of showing what the longitudinal balance might feel like. Last December Shinji replied to a question I asked which showed him I wasn't balanced very well. Probably not balanced at all. He suggested doing several push offs from the wall with a pull-buoy between my legs and to sense the lifted legs and hips this extra flotation brought. The exercise was to learn what balance felt like so that I would have a mental target for which to aim. The feeling was amazing and like Nicodemus, laterally I was like a rolling log. Soon got over that however, with repetitions.

With this knowledge of what balance felt like the next move was to Superman Glide and learning to replicate the balanced feeling. I was told recently that my balance is much better and also told that I'm very close to horizontal. I just have to get that breathing right.....

But Bob, I just used the pull-buoy for gliding (no kicking) - which was a lot of fun.

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So novaswimmer, this is what I meant in "training the legs" with a pull buoy.

Hope this helps,
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