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Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
I agree that various body types would all have different results with this exercise. But the "thing" is to train ourselves to be as balanced as possible and also as flat as possible in the water. I think this is the best application of practice with the pull buoy..... to train the legs to be up higher. I too have legs that like to sink and for this reason I should be training them with the pull buoy during Superman Glides. I have been practicing vertical kicking more recently in hopes to kick more efficiently and with the goal of no knee bending. It is working! All in practice to become more efficient. But as a benchmark, my reaching the other end with 4 push offs (one from the wall and 3 from the pool bottom) was a sign of some improvement. I'll gladly accept any signs of improvement.
Mike, I do not understand how using a pool buoy can 'train' the legs to be up higher. I can understand that when using a pool buoy, you will get a good sense of what it feels like when the legs are higher, but your body is not really learning how to get the legs up higher while you use the crutch. I've seen some people use the pool buoy to concentrate on upper body technique and the pull. I suppose that can be useful.

I like the idea of the vertical kicking practice. For me, I think my kick would be more effective if my ankles weren't so stiff. At my age, I'm not sure I will be able to improve on that.
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