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Hi Eric,
Yes quite the journey isn't it. I feel you are more dedicated to it that I am; but like you, I too feel that I can swim finally. (Without Terry and TI it would never have happened for me.) Now just need to continually fine tune many aspects of it. I still have to work on being flatter in the water. Years back, Shinji suggested using a pull buoy to train my brain as to what it should feel like to have the legs up. Must do more if this. This should help with few as possible push offs to cross the pool. I still get into the Canada Games Center on most Friday mornings and the crowd has been tolerable. Long drive for you that early in the morning, however. Right? Their training pool is shallow enough to practice push offs from the bottom. Hope to see you at the Bedford pool next summer sometime. Saturday and Sunday noon to 1:30 are the best times for lots of space. Thanks for your comment ... swim well ! That 1km is within reach and always getting closer.
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