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Originally Posted by Chuckthe View Post
After many (MANY) years out of the pool i am in training for a 2km open water swim happening in February.

Just a couple of pool sessions a week to which i will add some open water as it warms up a little here.

On the weekend i did my first open water race, 1km. While i was happy with my time (16:30) i found i went straight into a 2-stroke breathing instead of my normal 4 stroke in the pool.

Am i losing anything here?
This may be stating the obvious, but probably no one is in a better position to answer this question than you yourself. Probably you will need to spend some more time in open water and alternate between open water and the pool to study what changes in these two environments. But a lot of things do change. I have never been able to really sort out why it is that I swim better at some indoor pools than in others.

Here is one possibility: in a pool you only have to swim 25 (50) m/yds before turning. Do you do flip turns? If not, you get a good chance to get air on each turn, which you don't get in open water.

Were you pushing yourself harder in the open water? In some sense, you probably were, which is why you changed your breathing pattern. The question is in what way were you working harder?
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