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Nice patient long distance stroke.

To add to the above, and thinking about shoulder pain, it looks like you're entering your spear thumb down and indeed it looks like the angle of your spear hand is led by your thumb and forefinger. Your wrist is tilted outward. I've seen that recommended some places, but I think it can cause some problems.

Combine that with a little crossover out front, and the very first force you apply will be outward on your shoulder, and that could be causing your pain. A lot of sprinters try to grab more water by sculling outward at the front of their stroke, and it's a recipe for shoulder injury. I see it more on your left (breathing) side.

Rotate a little less, spear in front of or just outside your shoulder, not in front of your head (wider than you are doing now). Then keep your hand on the rail of your shoulder line, not outside. Try to keep your wrist angle straighter instead of bending outward: enter all 5 fingers at the same time. To practice changing the geometry, try to enter pinky first. Palm faces back or a little in. Never outward. If you keep your spear wide, then the only pressure on your shoulder will be down, maybe inward a little and in front of you, which is a safe/stable path.

happy laps!
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