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Originally Posted by caronis View Post
Hi TI Folks,
I just discovered this thread and it's valuable in giving me an idea of the ideal stroke count based on my height....16....
However, this is my question...
When I push off the wall, I undulate a while until I surface through buoyancy, then I begin my stroke count.
Isn't this an issue as to the ideal stroke count? When does everyone else begin the stroke count? It seems much more natural to push and glide from the wall before initiating any strokes...
The "green zone" chart makes an assumption of about 4.5 seconds or 4-5m wall pushoff included in the stroke count. If your push-off takes longer, then your count will be lower.

Read mat Hudson's posts for more detail on determination ,but if you subtract your pushoff, and count strokes for the remaining distance, we like to see a range of 55-75% of your height for your stroke count. SPL is just the distance remaining divided by your stroke length.

We are in reality more concerned with stroke length as a percentage of your wingspan than absolute strokes per length.
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