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Looks pretty good.
You rotate a bit too much but you manage to keep the low arm pointing straight forward at the outside of the body and does not really cross the center anywhere. Not so easy with a big roll angle. Do you have good shoulder flexibility?
Your right arm is just crossing the balance line though, at your last stroke coming toward the wall.
Thats a short while where time is waisted to balance on the edge. I think the low side arm should always be so wide that the body is rotated back if you would press down on the water. You are temporary crossing the line where pushing down increases you bodyroll angle.
See at 2min 6. swimming on one side and sculling with the extended hand balancing on your hand on your edge to your feet. Body is straight without twist or bend like in a dryland plank situation. This is your max rotation point and you never roll furher.
Your recovery is also at the edge of getting behind the backplane. so you can go a bit wider in the recovery an reduce the roll at the same time.
I see 1 big scissor kick after pushoff, but after that its less as far as I can see.
The hips and the shoulders seem to be doing their own thing a bit to much.
Dont know for sure, but it looks like you can make the connection between shoulders and hips a bit stiffer, to make the vessel move with a bit less twist and bend.The hips seem to roll a touch to much relative to the shoulders, but I am not really sure about this from the available footage.
In general, no mayor negativ items for a TI stroke.
I think you could benefit from trying to swim some laps without any kick (press the legs lightly together) and less bodyrotation to see how it feels.Keep it all a bit tauter and see if that gives a feeling that the strokes transmit more force into forward movement.
If thats ok. add a bit 2BK. That kick will feel super effective.

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