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Originally Posted by OllieMackJames View Post
Hi Stuart,

Last focal points of my ti coach, were:
- more swimming in front quadrant with a faster recall from the shoulder muscles in stead of the triceps
- she told me to focus on swiming 50, 100 200 300 400 meters while aiming to keep my SPL the same, and told me I would probably lose form after 200 meters, but just to keep at it and when I could keep SPL constant at all distances to move towards swimming with tempotrainer and gradually increase tempo while keeping SPL
That's great advice. Stick with the focused 50's and 100's to imprint good position. Your timing up front is excellent. Use swing-skate, swing switch switch to hone good timing, fluid movement, and recruit the hips. I would only add relax the hands and release the head a bit more; you're looking forward about 45 degs, look down closer to 90 degs (or hang the head) to lift the hips. Tension in hands can restrict fluid movement, just soften hands a bit. Your tempo is at 1.25 (or 48 spm) which is a good place for you to be and hone new skills.

Really nice work in a very short period of time, and kudos to Coach too! Keep us posted as you progress.

Enjoy the journey!

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