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You would have to aim your face down at a lower angle than currently, which means the snorkel can't be used to breathe, and perhaps also press your chest downwards. You may need to do this in stages, in dedicated balance practice, say by gliding in Superman, doing nothing else except gliding in balance. This can be done in the shallow end, which solves the breathing problem for this practice drill -- just stand up when you need air. Also skate drill with face similarly down and aiming for horizontal alignment.

Once you have acquired horizontality and fixed it in your body memory, it may be possible to safely use the snorkel again, but there is a chance that the snorkel use might drive front end elevation again, despite your new balance awareness.

My take on things is that the balance is a more fundamental skill to work on, more so than the verticality of the forearms in catch and stroke, which admittedly is an issue with your current form; but even if you get a lot more transmitted propulsion power, currently, all that power would get eaten up by drag of your back-end through the water.
Thanks sclim, very much appreciated, I realize I need more balance and am really focusing on that, and I have noticed that when I do, sometimes I get water into the snorkel, just like you said, therefore ordered the dry top for this snorkel, but maybe I will add more non-snorkel-swimming to my swimming, thanks for your insights!
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