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Excellent sclim - balance is priority, depth of spearing arm is not unless it rises above the lungs that causes the hips to drop more. I think I would only add, lean into or press (down) on armpit (or press on front of lung ball) to bring the hips up a bit more, and continue to work on timing from the hips or center.

Ollie: Given you started in Dec and took a workshop - wow! Nice work!! You certainly have all the elements there and are on your way to continuous improvement *and* awareness. What was the final feedback from Coach when reviewing your video from the last pool session? What priorities and focal points were given to work on for the next few weeks?

Hi Stuart,

Thanks, will really have to go back to balance, like Terry says, balance, streamline and then propulsion.

I started swimming last november, bought Terry's ebook and videos in december and took the workshop end of january. I only ever did some lap swimming for 6 weeks when I was 12 years old, so that is 42 years ago, where did all the years go...

Last thursday managed to swim my first 38 laps in one go, whole session was 2.4 km, aim is to swim 4000 m in one hour end of this year, so lots of work ahead of me.

Last focal points of my ti coach, were:
- more swimming in front quadrant with a faster recall from the shoulder muscles in stead of the triceps
- she told me to focus on swiming 50, 100 200 300 400 meters while aiming to keep my SPL the same, and told me I would probably lose form after 200 meters, but just to keep at it and when I could keep SPL constant at all distances to move towards swimming with tempotrainer and gradually increase tempo while keeping SPL

I swim 3 times a week for one hour in a 25 m pool and mostly focus on keeping SPL but once I loose that, I just go for just adding distance and then next time I hope to hold form and SPL longer, and when I loose it again I just go for distance, reason for that is that I need to get in better shape as well.

Anyways, really like all the input and feedback from this forum, Thanks all!
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