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Sorry if I was not clear.

The way I was taught years ago was to look ahead about 45 degrees so the water line is on your forehead. This is what a lot of swimmers get taught by 'traditional' coaches. There are arguments offered to justify this. BUT I NO LONGER BELIEVE THEY HOLD WATER.

The TI approach to balance requires you to 'hang' your head in the water rather than lift it up to look forward. Nowadays I sometimes bump into other swimmers because I look at the bottom of the pool instead of looking ahead. This is a GOOD THING, because I have a better head position (I am learning to check ahead every now and then).

It sounds a bit strange if your head is 6-8 inches below the surface. The back of your head should be at the surface. Which I guess puts your face deeper.

Don't either lift your head or bury it deep. Think about keeping your spine straight but relaxed right the way through your neck into the back of your head.

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